Bata Zambia sponsored ICR Race@10KM Power Race to raise Healthy lifestyle Awareness

Watched by over 5,000,000 people via national and entire Southern Africa region television networks, the Inter-Company Race (ICR) 2019 event has become one of the largest, most engaging and exciting corporate sporting events of the year in Zambia. Bata Zambia has been a sponsor, partner and participant in various activities of the event for several years and this year was different as the annual event has the Republican President His Excellency Edgar C. Lungu as its Guest of Honour and ICR has moved the venue to Zambia’s biggest stadium i.e. the National Hero’s Stadium in the capital city of Lusaka.

Bata Zambia stepped up its participation for the 21st ICR 2019 this winter, sponsoring the 10KM Power Race by Bata. His Excellency Mr President himself as an avid runner has participated in the 10KM Power Race with many other dignitaries from government cabinet and local high corporate officials.

Power’s sponsorship created high brand visibility not only at the arena during the race but also on national and regional television networks reaching out to millions of viewers.

“This national event gives Power Brand the best exposure to millions of viewers further strengthening its market position and we are determined to make Power the No.1 sports brand in Zambia,” quoted by Sin Kee Lee, Bata Zambia Country Manager, who was present at the event.

In addition to sponsorship at the ICR, Bata Zambia also help participants stay safe and comfortable from the glaring morning sun with a special designed Power Mello sun visor.

Runners weren’t the only winners, either. The ICR raises funds for the development and promotion of athletics in the country while also supporting an integrated approach to health and wellness. The ICR takes place annually and attracts thousands of men, women and children to participate in a day of fun while providing complimentary health services such as medical testing and counselling for HIV/AIDS, screening of cervical cancer, cardiac related ailments, diabetes plus much more.

Initiated in 1998 by the Zambia Amateur Athletics Association, the event has continued to grow year after year attracting companies, business leaders and executives, the diplomatic core, government employees and the community at large.

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