Interesting facts – Did you know that..?

  • The weight of shoes increases twofold when walking, six times when running
  • Slim people’s feet get longer during the day, overweight people’s feet get wider
  • The feet size changes by as much as 10 % during the day, that is the equivalent of one shoe size
  • Children’s feet grow continually and must be measured every three months
  • Girls’ feet grow until 14 years of age, boys’ until 16 years of age
  • There are three types of feet – distinguished by the shape and size of toes
    • Egyptian foot – the 2nd toe is shorter than the big toe – 70% of population
    • Greek foot – the 2nd toe is longer than the big toe – 20% of population
    • Square foot – all toes same length – 10 % of population
  • During an average person’s life, the feet’s sole flexes, stretches and contracts 300 million times, yet remains fully functional
  • An average person takes about 10,000 steps a day, walks about 3,200 km per year and walks a distance corresponding to going around the globe for four and half times during their life
  • Each sole must bear a pressure of about 500 tonnes every day
  • No two people have the same feet, not even the opposite feet of the same person are identical. Each person’s footprints are individual and remain the same for their entire life.

History of shoes

  • Old Egyptians inhaled burning sandalwood smoke to prevent headache
  • Heavy Wellington boots were put on aching stomach in colonial America
  • Shoe-shaped amulets were worn in different parts of the world to ward off evil